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History of the automobile. History of steam road vehicles. Cugnot's' fardier à vapeur an experimental steam-driven artillery tractor regarded by some as the first car. Benz Patent Motorwagen First purpose-built automobile. General automobile concepts edit. Understeer and oversteer. Road traffic safety.
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Production vehicles began appearing in 1887, when Carl Benz developed a petrol or gasoline-powered automobile and made several identical copies. 7 Recent automobile production is marked by the Ford Model T, created by the Ford Motor Company in 1908, which became the first automobile to be mass-produced on a moving assembly line.
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For other uses, see Car disambiguation, CARS, or Automobile. Cars and trucks driving on a divided highway, Highway 401 in Ontario, Canada. Fuel source Gasoline, diesel, natural gas, electric, hydrogen, solar, vegetable oil. Inventor Karl Benz 1. A car or automobile is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transportation.
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automobile not comparable. 1919, Nikola Tesla, My Inventions As early as 1898 I proposed to representatives of a large manufacturing concern the construction and public exhibition of an automobile carriage which, left to itself, would perform a great variety of operations involving something akin to judgment.

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