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LOOSE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
I can give you a loose figure. It's' a loose equivalent of the French version. I can do you a loose translation. The story has a loose basis in fact. His latest movie is a loose adaptation of King Lear.
Loose Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
6 a: lacking in precision, exactness, or care loose brushwork loose usage. b: permitting freedom of interpretation a loose construction of the Constitution. 7: not in the possession of either of two competing teams a loose ball a loose puck.
Loose vs. Lose-What's' the Difference? Grammarly.
A grammar expert on the Grammarly Answers website shares this trick: If you lose the O of loose, youve spelled the opposite of find. It may help visual learners to picture lose and loose as ropes. Loose would be a longer rope than lose because of the extra O.
loose - Wiktionary.
You can buy apples in a pack, but they are cheaper loose. Not under control. The dog is loose again. 2020 October 15, Frank Pasquale, 'Machines' set loose to slaughter: the dangerous rise of military AI, in The Guardian 2.:
Lose vs Loose.
end uncertain what to do next unoccupied; loose adv in a loose way; play fast and l. behave rashly or unscupulously loose n release; on the l. freefrom restraint; on a spree; loose v/t untie, undo; release from confinement or constraint, setfree; detatch; fire gun; shoot arrow; eccles absolve.
Urban Dictionary: Loose.
by Mark Worthen September 23, 2003. Get the Loose mug. when a girls pussy is loose, like she's' had too many man inside her so it feels loose when the man enters. fam, her pussy so loose feels like a bucket.

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